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4" diameter 10" long JuiceProof vacuum chamber


Weight 2.20 kg
Price: CAD $229.99


Cactus Juice stabilizing "JuiceProof" vacuum chamber by TurnTex LLC. Chamber size: 4" inside diameter (10.16 cm), 10" long. Vacuum pump NOT included. Designed specifically for use with Cactus Juice stabilizing resin only. 

Includes everything you need to connect to your vacuum pump and be up and running right out of the box including: 

Instruction sheet on how to use Cactus Juice and a stablizing chamber

Professionally made in Central Texas by TurnTex LLC, JuiceProof vacuum chambers are the only clear vacuum chamber on the market specifically designed and engineer for stabilizing from the ground up! Made from a clear plastic material too allow you to see through it to better monitor the stabilizing process. The chamber is impervious to Cactus Juice which allows you to leave the Juice in the chamber as long as you want. 

Recommendations from TurnTex on selecting a vacuum pump

Price per chamber in Canadian dollars.