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Cactus Juice dye sunset orange 2 oz


Weight 0.10 kg
Price: CAD $15.99


Cactus Juice dye for use with Cactus Juice stabilizing resin by Turn Tex. Designed specifically for adding bright, vibrant color to your stabilizing toolbox. These 100% liquid dyes will not settle over time and will help you achieve really bright colours. They are not meant to replace Alumilite Dyes but are mainly to fill in the gaps where Alumilite dyes can fall short. Two oz (by weight) bottle with easy-pour flip top cap.

NOTE: Cactus Juice stabilizing dye is only for use with Cactus Juice stablizing resin. It will not work with casting resin products like Alumilite.

There is no formula available for consistent colour results from wood to wood due to the way different species and even different pieces of wood from the same log or board soak up dyed Cactus Juice. Hard woods will require more dye than soft, punky woods. Suggested starting mix ration: 1 oz per gallon; do not exceed 4 oz per gallon. 

Click here for our instruction sheet on how to use Cactus Juice stabilizing resin and dyes. 

Price per bottle in Canadian dollars.