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Starting into penturning

Are you interested in making pens? We often get asked what it takes to start into the pen making hobby. Here are a few great resources that will answer many of your questions and get you on your way to making your first pen:

Penturning 101 info sheet - pen-making basics you need to know to get started

Our recommendations for tools - what's needed and what's nice to have

Below we offer a starter kit in the easy-to-make Slimline style. Each starter kit has everything you need to get started - five pen kits, five blanks, adjustable Morse Taper 1 or Morse Taper 2 mandrel, bushings, drill, premium pen mill pilot shaft and cutter head, glue, baseplate wax and finishing bars.

If you're not sure whether your lathe takes a Morse Taper 1 or Morse Taper 2, this info sheet may help.

  SKU Product Price
SLIM-SK-MT1 Beginner MT1 Starter Kit CAD $86.95
SLIM-SK-MT2 Beginner MT2 Starter Kit CAD $86.95
BEG-SK-PLUS-MT1 Beginner MT1 Starter Kit Plus including free shipping CAD $300.00
BEG-SK-PLUS-MT2 Beginner MT2 Starter Kit Plus including free shipping CAD $300.00