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Pen Master ACCU-CUT chisel - square rougher


Weight 0.45 kg
Price: CAD $64.95


Pen Master ACCU-CUT carbide chisel with 10.5 mm square carbide cutter. Canadian-made stainless steel tool bar with solid plastic handle. Includes carbide cutter, allen wrench and stainless steel screw. This tool has smaller cutters and is lighter than the regular Pen Master carbide tools. NOTE: Pen Master ACCU-CUT is not compatible with regular Pen Master carbide tools.

Stainless steel tool bar: 89 mm long x 9.5 mm square
Plastic handle:  215 mm long
Cutter: 10.5 mm square
Screw: M4-40 x 5/16

Weight: 0.240 kg

Usage and safety information:

Price per chisel in Canadian dollars.

Watch our video on how to sharpen your carbide cutter using a sharpening stone and lapping fluid: