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Pen Master ACCU-CUT chisel set


Weight 0.90 kg
Price: CAD $109.95


Pen Master ACCU-CUT carbide chisel set with square rougher and round finisher. Includes:

1x roughing chisel with 10.5 mm square carbide cutter
1x finishing chisel with 11.9 mm round carbide cutter
2x M4-40 x 5/16 screws
2x Allen wrenches

Canadian-made stainless steel tool bar with solid plastic handle. These tools have smaller cutters and are lighter than the regular Pen Master carbide tools. NOTE: Pen Master ACCU-CUT is not compatible with regular Pen Master carbide tools.

Stainless steel tool bar: 89 mm long x 9.5 mm square
Plastic handle:  215 mm long
Cutters: 11.9 mm round and 10.5 mm square
Screw: M4-40 x 5/16

Weight: 0.240 kg

Usage and safety information:

Price per chisel in Canadian dollars.

Watch our video on how to sharpen your carbide cutter using a sharpening stone and lapping fluid: