EZ-Bond CA glue BUNDLE - 2 oz

EZ-Bond CA glue BUNDLE - 2 oz

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EZ-Bond CA glue bundle. Contains three 2 oz. bottles of EZ-Bond brand cyanoacrylate glue: one bottle of thin CA glue, one bottle of medium CA glue and one bottle of thick CA glue.  

Thick CA glue is used to glue pen tubes into pen blanks. Because it is thick, it easily fills any gaps between your pen tube and the inside of your pen blank. If you don’t fill those gaps, these can weaken your pen blanks and cause a blow out when you are turning. Cover your pen tube generously with glue and insert it into the blank using a twisting motion – this spreads the glue around on the inside of the blank, ensuring good adhesion. is best used for gluing tubes into blanks. Viscosity 700 CPS.

Medium CA glue is a general purpose glue. Viscosity 100 CPS. 

Thin CA glue is primarily used for hardening soft or punky woods that are otherwise too soft to work with. It is also used as a finish. Viscosity 5 CPS.

Please note: this product does have a shelf life of up to approximately one year. Store in the refrigerator if possible to help extend shelf life. We do not replace dried out bottles of glue.

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) - Thin CA 

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) - Medium CA

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) - Thick CA

Price per bundle in Canadian dollars.

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