C-POXY 15-minute two-part epoxy glue 4.25 oz / 125 mL - Made in Canada

C-POXY 15-minute two-part epoxy glue 4.25 oz / 125 mL - Made in Canada

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Parker-style ink refills GEL blue - 5 pack

C-TOUGH two-part epoxy glue 4.25 oz / 125 mL - Made in Canada

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C-TOUGH two-part epoxy glue. 125 mL/4.25 fluid oz set. Set includes one bottle Part A-resin (62.5 mL/2.125 fluid oz) and one bottle Part B-hardener (62.5 mL/2.125 fluid oz). Made in Canada by CEC Corp.

C-TOUGH is a two-part structural epoxy adhesive. The toughness and flexibility of C-TOUGH allows it to be impact and shock resistant while being able to withstand vibration, contraction, and expansion. C-TOUGH has tremendous grip to wood, metal, plastics, glass, masonry, and fiberglass. C-TOUGH has an easy 1:1 volume mixing ratio and allows for a long working time with a 24-hour full-cure time.

Part A and B need to be mixed thoroughly in the correct volume ratio of 1:1 for 1 minute before use. The gel time of the mixed product is 40-60 minutes at room temperature. Parts requiring bonding should be assembled and kept close without any stress. Assembling is continued until full curing takes place. Excess of the product can be cleaned with acetone or any solvent-based cleaner compatible with the substrates to bond. For best results, it is recommended to scratch (if possible) the surface, then gently degrease, and clean the excess material off the area. All-purpose epoxy for bonding metals, stone, glass, concrete, wood, fiberglass and more.

Please note: epoxy will set in the bottles if the two liquids come into contact with each other in any way - whether through inadvertant switching of the caps or when you are mixing your epoxy, for example. This product also has a shelf life of approximately 6 - 12 months. The product must be kept in a cool and dry room from 10°C to 25°C. We do not replace epoxy that has dried up or otherwise become unusable. 

Price per two-part set  in Canadian dollars.