Cocobolo pen blanks 5/8

Cocobolo pen blanks 5/8" - 50 pack

Glitter pen blank BUNDLE pastel - 6 blanks

Glitter pen blank BUNDLE pastel - 6 blanks

Poly resin pen blank sampler bundle - black 5 pack

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Black poly resin pen blank sampler bundle. Contains 5 pen blanks, one each of the following: Inukshuk (POLY-IN), Fox Tail (POLY-FT), Tiger Lily (POLY-TL), Mountie (POLY-MT) and Cicada (POLY-CIC). Approximate blank dimensions: 3/4" square by 5" long. 

Poly blanks are a bit more challenging than acrylic acetate but the finished product is well worth it. These blanks look amazing when finished!

WHEN DRILLING: Don't build up heat. Slow down when the drill is about to exit the bottom of the blank to avoid blow outs. Alternately cut the blank about 3/4" longer than the brass tube. Drill just past the length of the brass tube but don't exit the blank. Cut the end off the end exposing the hole.
WHEN TURNING: Use a sharp tool. If using a dull tool you tend to push harder to get it to cut and this can result in excess chipping and blowouts. Take your time. Light cuts only. Again Don't build up heat.
WHEN ASSEMBLING: Press the parts just up to the barrel and don't over press. If you over press it could crack the blank.

We strongly recommend that you paint the outside of the brass pen tube in your kit and the inside of the hole you drill in the blank before gluing the brass tube into the blank. Otherwise your brass tube may show through. The colour you choose to paint your blank can change the appearance of your finished blank.  We recommend a durable paint like enamel that can be purchased at most hobby stores.

We do NOT replace blanks that become damaged during cutting, drillng, trimming, turning, finishing or assembly. 

Price is per bundle in Canadian dollars.