Snakewood pen blanks

Snakewood pen blanks

Shown here on Clip Bolt Action kit black
Shown here on RAW 303 rollerball pen kit stainless steel
Price CAD $15.95


Snakewood pen blanks. The picture is a typical representation. Your blanks will be selected at random. Blank size minimum 3/4" x 3/4" x 5" long. Wax sealed.

A very rare and beautiful, South and Central American wood. Reddish brown with dark or black snakeskin-like patterns. Very dense but BRITTLE. DIFFICULT TO WORK AND PRONE TO CRACKING. Do not build up heat when drilling, turning or sanding this wood. Store in a dark, cool, dry place. Use CA glue or an oil finish like Aussie oil after turning as a finish. This will replenish the oil in the wood and reduce the risk of cracking.  

Working with snakewood pen blanks instruction sheet (PDF)

NOTE: We will not replace cracked or damaged Snakewood pen blanks.

Price is per blank, in Canadian dollars.

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