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Safety razor combo chrome - safety razor, deluxe stand & shaving knot


Weight 0.60 kg
Regular Price: CAD $41.85
Price: CAD $36.95


Safety razor combo - deluxe razor and brush stand kit, safety style razor kit and badger hair shaving knot. Save $4.90 by buying the combo instead of the individual kits!

Stand requires bushing 94A, mandrel A/7 mm and 7 mm drill.

Razor requires bushing 93A, mandrel A/7 mm and 7 mm drill.

Brush requires 20 mm forstner bit, bottle stopper mandrel 3/8-16 and drill and tap set 3/8-16. 

Shown here in "Mediterranean Wave". Blanks not included (see "Related Products" tab for links).

Price per combo in Canadian dollars.