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JB Royal Original epoxy casting resin - 64 oz set (32 oz hardener & 32 oz resin)


Weight 2.20 kg
Price: CAD $99.99


JB Royal Original epoxy casting resin - 64 oz set. Includes 32 oz of resin and 32 oz of hardener.

JBR Original is a thick viscous epoxy casting resin. It is an easy to use clear casting resin with low odor. It mixes with pigments and mica powders very easily. JBR is mixed by volume and NOT weight. If using the casting resin with wood or other materials, warming the resin to 90-95F (32-35C) before mixing will make it penetrate small cracks and crevices more easily. 

JB Royal Original resin is a two-part 1:1 epoxy casting resin which is viscous and will flow like thick syrup or honey. It works great for casting, jewelry making, laminating, and encapsulating. It cures clear; for best results, a pressure pot is suggested. 

Mixing ratio: 1:1 by volume, resin to hardener
Recommended Ambient Casting Temp: 80°F. For best results cast at or above 80°F.
Demold Time: 12 hours (24 hours recommended)
Cure Time: 24-48 hours
Full Cure: 10 days
Shelf Life: 1 year (usually longer)
Working time: Approximately 1 hour (temperature will affect this)
Demold time: Recommended 24hrs
Depth of pour: Up to 3 - 4"; for thicker pours up to 10" deep, it is highly recommended to use JB Royal THIN.

For blank making or encapsulation, a pressure pot is strongly advised at 40-50 PSI. According to the manufacturer, freezing points are not a concern for winter shipping in Canada. 

NOTE: Blanks cast using this resin MUST be left to cure for a minimum of 10 days. If not left to cure the full 10 days, resin will warp during turning. 


Price per set in Canadian dollars.