Frisco letter opener blade

Frisco letter opener blade

Regular Price: CAD $18.99
Sale Price CAD $14.99


Frisco letter opener blade with tang. Slim with nickel silver bolster pinned in place. Bolster is rough-cut so you will need to complete the grinding and polishing. 

NOTE: This is NOT a turning project - the handle is not turned on the lathe.

Recommendations on how to make a Frisco letter opener: for the tang style blade of this letter opener, a solid piece of handle material like a wood block or synthetic material is recommended. Pen making material is often a good fit for this letter opener. Drill the center using a 3/16" drill bit. Place epoxy on the tang and inside the drilled hole and insert the letter opener into the hole in the blank. Allow to dry, shape and finish the handle as you desire.

Blade specifications:

Overall length - 6"
Blade length - 4"
Blade width - 7/16"
Blade thickness - 0.046"

Price per blade in Canadian dollars. 

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