Exotic wood pen blank pack

Exotic wood pen blank pack

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Exotic wood pen blank pack. Great gift idea for a penturner! Includes five blanks: Kingwood, Snakewood, Beeswing Narra, Bocote, Cocobolo. Blanks measure minimum of 3/4" square by 5" long. 

Kingwood: From Brazil. Rarely seen rosewood. Stunning wood that is dark purple or reddish brown with dark streaks.

Snakewood: A very rare and beautiful, South and Central American wood. Reddish brown with dark or black snakeskin-like patterns. Very dense but BRITTLE. DIFFICULT TO WORK AND PRONE TO CRACKING. Do not build up heat when drilling, turning or sanding this wood. Store in a dark, cool, dry place. Use CA glue or an oil finish like Aussie oil after turning as a finish. This will replenish the oil in the wood and reduce the risk of cracking.  

Pomelle Sapele: African wood with waves of stunning figure with an iridescent raindrop effect

Bocote: Bocote hails from Mexico and Central America. The wood is known for its sharp brown and black stripes which cut through the golden yellow body. The dark lines flow naturally through the wood revealing a decorative zebra-like contrast. This highly figured, bold wood has an interlocked grain leaving any project striking. 

Cocobolo: Cocobolo, also known as 'Cocobola' comes from Central America. As a favorite at William Wood-Write, photos cannot do its brilliant colour justice. Even its scent is reminiscent of sweet spices. It holds a kaleidoscope of varying colours all the way from purple to orange. Its streaks and highlights make every piece unique. Its grain is interlocked and the wood has a fine texture and natural glow. Commonly prized, Cocobolo is a dense tropical wood that changes colour as its cut and worked with, producing more vivid colours as you go.

Your blanks will be selected at random. The blanks in the photograph are representative only.

Price is per pack in Canadian dollars.

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