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Exotic feather pen blanks Mallard Duck with dyed rooster - Algonquin


Weight 0.22 kg
Price: CAD $34.99


Exotic feather pen blanks in Mallard Duck with dyed rooster hackle for Algonquin pen kits. Price is for one set of two blanks (upper and lower barrel) only. Pen not included.

The brass tube has been covered with exotic feathers and cast in acrylic. Once you have squared the end of the blank you will be ready to put it on the lathe and turn. These fine blanks are individually handcrafted by Marla Christensen of Fine Turnings in Saskatchewan. Photo is representative only; your blank(s) will be selected at random and may differ slightly from the photograph. 

These blanks create really stunning pens. However, they are not suitable for all turners as they are delicate. Extreme care when trimming the ends and turning is critical. You must use razor sharp tools and take very light cuts. Please note we do NOT replace blanks that become damaged during cutting, trimming, turning or finishing.

Price per blank in Canadian dollars.