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Culinary knives

NOTE: These are woodworking projects that require drilling, sanding, finishing and assembly with woodworking equipment. You will not receive finished knives.

  SKU Product Price
RH0694 All American steak knife blade CAD $18.99
SS273 Arctic ulu blade CAD $29.99
SS509 Cheese slicer CAD $14.99
SS829 Early American 10-inch cook's blade CAD $29.99
SS200 Early American Bread knife blade CAD $23.99
SS110 Keen-Edge Santoku culinary blade CAD $35.99
SS605 Prestige Carving Blade CAD $25.99
SS604 Prestige Chef's Blade CAD $29.99
SS607 Prestige Cleaver Blade CAD $37.99
SS602 Prestige Sandwich Blade CAD $16.99
SS606 Prestige Slicing Blade CAD $23.99
SS821 Traditional 8-inch cook's blade CAD $20.99
SS807 Traditional Carving set kit CAD $49.99
SS827 Traditional three-inch paring blade CAD $9.99
SS828 Traditional two-inch paring blade CAD $6.99
HD904 Vega Santoku VG-19 Damascus blade with bolster CAD $229.99
HD903 VG-10 Sarin Chef Damascus blade with bolster CAD $119.99