C-POXY 15-minute two-part epoxy glue 4.25 oz / 125 mL - Made in Canada by CEC Corp

C-POXY 15-minute two-part epoxy glue 4.25 oz / 125 mL - Made in Canada by CEC Corp

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C-POXY. 15 minute two-part epoxy glue, 125 mL/4.25 fluid oz set. Set includes one bottle Part A-resin (62.5 mL/2.125 fl oz) and one bottle Part B-hardener (62.5 mL/2.125 fl oz). Made in Canada by CEC Corp.

C-POXY 15 is a general-purpose, unfilled fast-setting epoxy adhesive. Recommended for bonding wood, metals, ceramics, stone, glass, concrete, wood, fiberglass, and many plastics such as polyester, ABS, rigid PVC (not suitable for PTFE-PP-PE & Rubbers). Canadian-made CEC Corp epoxies are extremely durable with consistent thickness and are water and impact resistant. Open the seal of each bottle (linear under the cap) and cut the tip of the bottle to allow each part to flow freely.

Part A and B need to be mixed thoroughly in the correct volume ratio of 1:1 for one minute before use. Excess epoxy can be cleaned with Acetone or any solvent-based cleaner compatible with the substrates to bond. Do not mix a large batch. Mixing a large batch can create heat (exothermic reaction) and reduce cure time.

This glue is like thick CA glue but gives you more working time before it sets up. Thick CA glue is used to glue pen tubes into pen blanks. Because it is thick, it easily fills any gaps between your pen tube and the inside of your pen blank. If you don’t fill those gaps, these can weaken your pen blanks and cause a blow out when you are turning. Cover your pen tube generously with glue and insert it into the blank using a twisting motion – this spreads the glue around on the inside of the blank, ensuring good adhesion. Tip: use baseplate wax to plug the ends of your tubes and prevent glue from getting inside. Glue inside your pen tubes is one of the leading causes of pen failure. 

Please note: epoxy will set in the bottles if the two liquids come into contact with each other in any way - whether through inadvertant switching of the caps or when you are mixing your epoxy, for example. This product also has a shelf life of approximately 6 - 12 months. We do not replace epoxy that has dried up or otherwise become unusable. 

Technical Data Sheet

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) Part A

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) Part B

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