Burl wood pen blank pack

Burl wood pen blank pack

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Burl wood pen blank pack. Great gift idea for a penturner! Includes five blanks: Redwood Lace Burl exceptional, Black Ash Burl, Box Elder Burl, Maple Burl and Amboyna Burl. Burl is a rare, abnormal growth on a tree that has beautiful swirling figure and eyes and is often used in high end furniture. Blanks measure minimum of 3/4" square by 5" long. 

Redwood Lace Burl: This burl has gorgeous lacy pattern with eyes and ranges in colour from light pinkish brown to deep reddish brown.

Black Ash Burl: Black Ash Burl comes from the Northeast United States as well as Eastern Canada. The heartwood often matures to a medium caramel shade. Black Ash has a coarse texture and often features tight rings and clusters of black and brown flecks. Heavy concentration of pattern in certain areas of the wood gives finished products depth and variance. 

Box Elder Burl: Blonde to golden colour, with some gray possible. Beautifuly detailed burl figure when finished.

Maple Burl: The wild grain of maple burl has eyes and swirls of varying size and hue. Colour ranges from creamy white to light red-brown.

Amboyna Burl: Amboyna Burl is the prized and exotic burl of the Narra wood, hailing from Indonesia and southeast Asia. The flowing patterns of ribbons and mottled curls give it the well-defined knot figure it's known for. The wavy grain holds a medium coarse texture which allows the wood to glow. 

Your blanks will be selected at random. The blanks in the photograph are representative only.

Price is per pack in Canadian dollars.

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