Black Palm pen blanks

Black Palm pen blanks

Price CAD $3.49


Black Palm pen blanks. The picture is a typical representation. Your blanks will be selected at random.

This wood originates from Asia and Africa. The lighter brown body has black fibres.  The centre core of the tree is softer and lighter in colour. Fibres in the wood tend to splinter easily. 


  • Make sure to use lots of thick CA to glue in the brass tube. Every part of the brass tube and inside of the drilled hole must be covered in glue. If it is not, a weak spot will cause the wood to break away from the tube while you're turning. 
  • Soak the blank thoroughly with thin CA glue first and allow it to cure before mounting it on the lathe. Reapply thin CA as you turn the blank down to strengthen the wood fibers. If you have a stabilizing system, that is the best option.
  • Turn at high speed taking very light cuts with very sharp tools.

Use a light touch when working with these blanks. Palm is a fibrous wood, which makes it prone to cracking if you don't handle it with care. Please note we do NOT replace blanks that split or become damaged during cutting, trimming, turning, finishing or assembly.

Price is per blank in Canadian dollars.

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