Black Ash Burl Fusion pen blanks bundle #2

Black Ash Burl Fusion pen blanks bundle #2

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Black Ash Burl Fusion pen blanks bundle. Includes three handcrafted Fusion blanks made with Black Ash Burl and fused with acrylic - saffron, flash red and magic yellow. Blanks measure approximately of 3/4" square by 5" long. Each unique blank is made by the team of artisans in our shop. 


  • For best results and to avoid blowouts, you must use razor sharp tools (we recommend the Pen Master ACCU-CUT round chisel) and take very light cuts. 
  • Ensure your pen tube is thoroughly covered in glue when gluing it into the blank. If any part of the brass tube is not well covered with glue, that is the spot that will let go as you near the end of turning. 
  • We strongly recommend that you paint the outside of the brass pen tube in your kit and the inside of the hole you drill in the blank before gluing the brass tube into the blank. Otherwise your brass tube may show through. The colour you choose to paint your blank can change the appearance of your finished blank.  We recommend a durable paint like enamel that can be purchased at most hobby stores.
  • We recommend finishing Fusion blanks like you would a wooden pen blank. If you use Micro Mesh, we recommend wet sanding to avoid fine scratches in the acrylic. 
  • It is not uncommon to find the occasional small void in the blank while turning; they can be easily filled in with a small amount of thick CA glue.

The blanks in the photograph are representative only and the blanks you receive may differ slightly from the image. NOTE: These blanks are handcrafted and carefully inspected to ensure high quality. We do NOT replace blanks that become damaged during cutting, drillng, trimming, turning, finishing or assembly.

Price is per bundle in Canadian dollars.

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