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Begleri fidget beads kit


Weight 0.09 kg
Price: CAD $7.99


Begleri fidget bead kit. Kit includes 2 Tubes to make 2 spinning end beads, threaded end caps for easy disassembly, 2 protective bead O-rings, thin and two 10" para-cord spinner strings and a felt carry pouch. To make this kit, you will need drill 8 mm, pen mill shaft 8 mm, bushings PKBEGBU, and mandrel A/7 mm (all sold separately). 

This fun skill toy can be flipped, spun and twirled around the fingers to perform tricks. Begleri derives from the Greek rosary which serves the function of worry beads and are often flipped around to pass the time or keep the hands busy. In recent years, Begleri has grown in popularity outside of Greece and Begleri enthusiasts have developed a wide range of different styles of play and categories of tricks. Begleri consist of two beads at either end of a short para-cord spinner string and are threaded on an open strand.

Bracelet helper kit. Allows you to put on a bracelet without assistance. Uses same tooling as perfume applicator kit: drill 5/16, mandrel A/7 mm, bushing 8A.

Shown here with Stabilized box elder burl blue pen blank (blank not included - see "Related Products" tab for link).

Mix and match with other project kits for volume pricing!

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Price per kit in Canadian dollars.

Instruction video by Penn State Industries: