Regular pen mill shaft 10 mm (25/64)

Regular pen mill shaft 10 mm (25/64)

Price CAD $9.99


Regular pen mill shaft. Please note the size you see in the name of the shaft in most cases relates to the size of drill bit used on a specific kit, and is not linked to the size of the shaft or to tube size.

Also called a barrel trimmer. An extremely useful tool used to square up the ends of your pen blacks after the brass tubes have been glued inside the pen blank. The long rod fits inside the tube (which acts as a support and guide) and allows you to cut away excess wood until you reach the edge of the brass pen tube.

Requires Regular pen mill cutter head 3/4" PNML-3/4.

These trimmers are designed to be used in a drill press and pen blank vise and not a hand held drill. If you use them in a hand held drill it will create excess torque which could result in damage to the pilot shaft. 

This regular pilot shaft has a 4.7 mm upper shaft that fits into the cutter head. This regular pilot shaft is designed only to fit the regular cutter heads sold by William Wood-Write Ltd. Will not fit the premium cutter heads sold on this site.
Price per shaft in Canadian dollars.

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