William Wood-Write Ltd.

William Wood-Write Ltd.

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Nibs, cartridges, refills

Wondering which pen kit takes which refill? Click the related items tab in the pen kit description or consult our pen and pencil kit refill chart!

  SKU Product Price
RF4110 Five-pack mini pen refills blue CAD $8.99
PKMINI-R5R Five-pack mini pen refills red CAD $7.99
SHP-PCL-LD-COL Five-pack Shop & Artist pencil replacement leads colour CAD $3.95
PCL-LEAD-0.7 Pencil leads 0.7 mm - 12-pack CAD $1.99
PKPOWLEAD Replacement pencil leads for Mechanical Pencil kits CAD $6.99
PKSPCL3X Three-pack 3 mm mini sketch pencil replacement leads CAD $3.99
SHP-PCL-LD Two-pack Shop & Artist pencil replacement leads black CAD $2.95
PKBFE Five-pack erasers for Buffalo & Mechanical pencil kits CAD $2.99
SCH-NK-PMP Schmidt ink pump K5 CAD $7.99
SCH-MEC Schmidt pencil mechanism CAD $9.95
PK-PCLE10 Ten-pack mechanical pencil erasers CAD $2.99
ALG-FP-NIB-B Algonquin fountain pen nib - broad CAD $3.99
ALG-FP-NIB-F Algonquin fountain pen nib - fine CAD $3.99
ALG-FP-NIB-M Algonquin fountain pen nib - medium CAD $3.99
CAN-NIB-B Canadiana fountain pen nibs - broad CAD $8.95