William Wood-Write Ltd.

William Wood-Write Ltd.

492 Arkell Road, Puslinch, Ontario, N0B 2J0, Canada

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Exotic wood pen blanks

We do not offer refunds for colour variability within the blank or other small internal imperfections. We also do not refund or replace blanks that become damaged during cutting, drilling, trimming, turning, finishing or kit assembly.

  SKU Product Price
PACK-BURL-3INCH 10-piece burl wood pen blank pack - 3" blanks CAD $29.95
PACK-BURL Burl wood pen blank pack CAD $35.95 (Save 18%)
PACK-EXO Exotic wood pen blank pack CAD $32.95 (Save 20%)
ABW African Blackwood pen blanks CAD $6.95
AB Afzelia Burl pen blanks CAD $11.95
AL Afzelia Lay pen blanks CAD $9.95
AYCB Alaskan Yellow Cedar Burl CAD $8.95
AMB Amboyna Burl pen blanks CAD $13.95
AMB-EX Amboyna Burl pen blanks - Exceptional CAD $15.95
BWN Beeswing Narra pen blanks CAD $9.95
BMAP Birdseye Maple pen blanks CAD $2.50
BLAB Black Ash Burl pen blanks CAD $6.95
BLKPLM Black Palm pen blanks CAD $2.95
BGMEB Blond Gmelia Burl pen blanks CAD $7.95
BW Bloodwood pen blanks CAD $1.95