William Wood-Write Ltd.

William Wood-Write Ltd.

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Wondering which pen or pencil kit fits into which box? Consult our kit and box chart!

  SKU Product Price
DIS-BOX-AT Black arch top display box CAD $79.95
DIS-BOX-LE-16 Black faux leather display box CAD $49.95
DIS-BOX-WG-20 Black wood grain display box CAD $79.95
TUBE-10-MED Clear plastic pen tubes medium - 10 pack CAD $7.95
TUBE-10-SM Clear plastic pen tubes small - 10 pack CAD $7.95
PKBOXGUN Rifle case pen box CAD $8.95
PKBOXGUN2B Tactical rifle case pen box black CAD $8.95
PKBOXGUN2G Tactical rifle case pen box green CAD $7.95
PKBOXGUNX Rifle case pen box extra foam insert to fit 2 pens (package of 2) CAD $3.95
BOX-WINDOW Cardboard window pen box CAD $1.25 (Save 29%)
PKBOX18B Textured linen oversized window box - black CAD $4.95
PKBOX18W Textured linen oversized window box - white CAD $4.95
BOX-CRD-SIN Black cardboard pen box - single CAD $1.85
K-408 Large flip-open pen box CAD $3.95
KF01 Magnetic flip-open pen box CAD $2.95