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Beginner starter kit

Are you just starting into pen turning? Check out our handy starter kit in the easy to make Slimline style. Each kit has everything you need to get started - five pen kits, five blanks, adjustable Morse Taper 1 or Morse Taper 2 mandrel, bushings, drill, premium pen mill pilot shaft and cutter head, glue, baseplate wax and finishing bars.

Our Penturning 101 info sheet will give you an overview of this exciting hobby! En français: Notions élémentaires du tournage de stylos

Check out our recommendations for tools you need and things that are nice to have to get started making your first pens.

If you're not sure whether your lathe takes a Morse Taper 1 or Morse Taper 2, this info sheet may help.


  SKU Product Price
SLIM-SK-MT1 Beginner Slimline starter kit - MT1 CAD $86.95
SLIM-SK-MT2 Beginner Slimline starter kit- MT2 CAD $86.95